Nearly everything I used for this project was purchased at Home Depot.  Here is a basic list of the materials used and approximate prices:

bulletFiberglass Mat & Cloth: under $30
bullet9 sq/ft (1 yard) packages.  I used approximately 6 packages, at under $5 each.
bulletFiberglass Resin: approx $50
bulletBuy it by the gallon (I didn’t).  I also wasted a lot of resin during various stages of this project.  Buying by the quart costs a lot more.  Each gallon container is about $25, and it's better to have too much than too little.
bulletBrushes:  $5
bulletGet the cheapest kind you can, as they will probably not be reused.  I used the foam brushes, but I would recommend using regular bristle brushes.  Get some of each if you want to experiment.  Let’s say, 10 brushes @ 50 cents each.  If you choose to try and save your brushes, put them in acetone immediately after use.
bulletMasking Tape:  under $10
bulletA couple of rolls of wide tape should do the trick.  I would suggest using mostly the blue painter’s tape (again, I did not), but a roll of the stickier stuff could come in handy also.
bulletMixing Buckets
bulletAt 75 cents each for the plastic kind with volume marks on the side, buy 5 or more.
bulletMixing Sticks
bulletJust like the paint jobs on Monster Garage, these are freebies.  Get a stack at the paint counter.
bulletMDF:  about $10
bulletMedium Density Fiberboard
bulletI used ½” and ¾” thick MDF for this project. 
bulletYou don’t necessarily have to buy big 4’ x 8’ sheets.  My local Home Depot has 2’ x 4’ sheets as well, and these are cheaper and easier to transport.  One of each thickness oughtta be enough.
bulletWooden Dowels:  under $5
bulletScraps of MDF or other wood can be substituted for the dowels.
bulletI bought a couple of 6’ lengths of 3/8” diameter dowel.  You may use more, less, or other sizes for your project.
bulletWood Glue:  couple bucks.
bulletYellow carpenter’s glue is great
bulletFleece or other fabric: about $15
bulletI purchased a polyester/cotton blend at a local fabric store.  I got 3½ yards, which is a lot – but I also used it as a final covering for the enclosure when it was completed.
bulletMake sure your material is stretchy.  I have also read about the use of grille cloth and trunk liner also.
bulletStay away from pure cotton, as it can shrink and wrinkle.
bulletSpray Adhesive:  $10
bullet3M #90 is a good product – that’s the heavy duty.  They also have a standard strength, which should work fine, too (I think that’s #88)
bulletAcetone: $5
bulletFor cleanup

 The grand total for all materials is approximately $150. 



Besides the brushes and other light tools mentioned above, I also used the following hand and power tools:

bulletRouter w/various bits and circle jig (I made my own jig)
bulletDrill w/various bits
bulletScissors/shears (NOT your mom’s favorite pair – they will be ruined!)
bulletDremel rotary tool w/various bits.
bulletTape measure
bulletHot glue gun
bulletDisposable rubber gloves


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